Raqtan is one of the largest, if not the largest, suppliers of food service equipment in Saudi-Arabia. Because of the immense production volume, Raqtan requires a new, additional workplace. This new workplace will include a production hall, a showroom, a 4-story tall administration office and an integrated parking lot with 191 parking spots on 3 floors. A warehouse will be added during the second phase, but that will have to wait until the existing production building has been demolished.

Together with Rempt van der Donk Architecten BNA BV, we have realised the following design;

  • Project name: New Facility Raqtan Al Khobar Damman Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Al Khobar, Damman, Saudi Arabia
  • Description: Production hall, Office and Underground parking lot
  • Client: Raqtan Industries
  • Status: In progress